I've been seriously slacking on the blogging end of things. Perhaps it's because I've been trying to be busy on every other end.
On the wedding front:
  • All the bridesmaids have thier dresses and they shall be gorgeous.

  • Invitations are being printed and shoudl be in shortly.

  • All the pieces for the centerpieces have been assembled.

  • Ashley will be here in a little over a week. Did I mention she is planning a wedding too?

On the job-hunt front:
  • Earlier I made an off-handed remark about Google wanting my transcript... well, ya'll can stop holding your breath, we won't be moving to Mountain View

  • In the meantime, however, I got an 'online interview' request from Microsoft about a week ago- this basically meant answering questions via email. Well, yesterday I got word they want a phone interview in the next couple weeks. Kinda nervous about that one.

  • I posted my resume on Denver's craigslist, a cool little site, and within hours had two inquiries about it. Haven't followed up on one yet.

  • Did I mention we're focusing on Denver? Josh has more opportunities there than anywhere, it seems, and it's an all-around nice place to live, or seems to be. It'll be a good first adventure if nothing else. Yay for adventure.

On the school-and-work front:
  • I'm still the scanner queen. I fixed the silly thing again.

  • I have an apprentice! He's a future Taylor freshman who will probably get this job next year, and he follows me around 2 hours a week to see what exciting things I do.

  • Melissa & I started early on our Operating Systems project that is due next Monday, thinking it would take a long time. It took two hours and we are SOOO ahead of the game. Hooray.

  • It's classtime. Gotta go.

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Ashley said...

Yay! I'm coming soon to visit. :-) I'm excited to see you again. So do I get an invitation to your wedding? :-) I'm coming, by the way. If you didn't know that already.

I hope the job search goes well! Let me know if there's anything I can help with.


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