Half a year.

I neglected to mention this earlier...
Saturday marked 6 MONTHS till the wedding. The countdown continues. Hooray.

Stuff left to do:
  • Get a florist

  • Pick out/send invitations

  • Make sure the bridal party has their suits/dresses

  • Decide on a centerpiece for the reception and assemble it, if applicable

  • Book the hotel room for the wedding night

  • Pick out/Buy wedding rings

That's a much shorter list than what I had earlier

The last six months flew. Let's hope these months do the same.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I don't have my dress yet. :-) I'm waiting a bit, in case I get any fatter (that happened once; I had to buy a girdle thing so I could fit in the bridesmaid dress :-p)


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