T minus one

Today marks...
- T minus one day till I'm in Michigan for Matt's graduation party

- T minus one week till June 10, when Josh gets back from his month-long trip

- T minus one year till June 3rd, 2006, when I will be Mrs Joanna Brooke B. and, as of this moment, on my way to my honeymoon with my husband

Lots of exciting things, just one away... and it feels like they are not soon enough.

The week went quickly. The job is starting relatively well. I can't say much more because Panera, my source of internet, is closing in T minus one minute.


Ashley said...

This might sound like a really stupid question, but I was wondering... Where exactly did the phrase "T minus one" come from? What does it mean?

Joanna said...

The phrase is used in countdowns before rocket take-offs, "T" being the time the rocket takes off. The countdown goes T-10... T-9... T-8... to T-1.

David O'Neill said...

It stands for 'time', I believe


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