Free day!

At about 12:45 yesterday, I began to be in a really good mood.

Most of the joy I can attribute to relief- By 12:45 I had both finished my last final and finished all the work I wanted to get done before January on my Senior Capstone project. The relief mainly came from the fact I felt like it was the first time in months when I officially had nothing to do- no plans for a good 24-48 hours, at least, and no looming assignments or homework I ought to do. Delightful.

So what did I do, you ask, once I actually had a choice? Well, first I went to lunch, only to find out the Grille was closed. But, fortunately, I ran into a friend there and we hurried over to the dining commons, only to find it closing as well. We both managed to get a sandwich, salad & drinks, and had a delightful lunch sitting and talking, the only ones in the DC. We went back to my apartment for a while, then I took her back to her dorm and proceeded to spend much of the rest of the afternoon doing some cleaning around the apartment. Melissa did much of the cleaning, I straightened up my stuff and helped where I could, and did a huge pile of dishes. Having dishes done and things straightened up makes me happy.

After cleaning, Melissa needed to do laundry, so I went with her then we went to Ivanhoes for dinner to celebrate being done for the semester. I spent the rest of the evening playing TextTwist, an online game I was obsessed with about 4 years ago and haven't wasted time with much since. I thought I deserved to waste time last night :) I also discovered I'm out of practice

This morning, Melissa left before 7 for home, and I got up with her. I love mornings. Earlier this semester I made fun of her for having a yoga DVD, but she said I should try it- it really helped her with flexibility & strength. This morning I had energy, so I tried it out for a while. She was right- it did make me feel better. Afterwards I got a shower, wasted some more time online, and here I am. Earlier this week I wasn't sure what I was going to do with myself, with no plans or responsibilities for two days, but I think I'm enjoying it so far.

I'm going to venture out pretty soon, to forage for food and return rental movies.

Hooray for a free day.

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