Most Common Fears

From a list I found online:
1. Public Speaking
2. Getting fat
3. Going out alone at night
4. Going to the dentist
5. Death
6. Spiders and insects
7. Swimming in the ocean
8. Being in high and exposed places
9. Flying
10. Being in a crowd of people

In the last week, I flew to Georgia [#9], spent two days around lots of people I don't know very well [#10] (and family) at my grandmother's viewing and funeral [#5], flew back [#9], went to the dentist [#4] this morning, and have a presentation [#1] to do tomorrow. I probably should be worrying about #2 as well, with all the eating-out I've been doing, not having been home for a while.

It's been a long week. I can't wait till things calm down.

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Ashley said...

I can relate to some on that list... Some of my biggest fears are:
Going out alone at night (#3)
Going to the dentist (#4)
Spiders and insects (6)
Swimming in the ocean (#7)
Being in high and exposed places (#8)


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