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Here's two pieces of Indiana news that got me interested/upset today:

Bayh's vote on the Roberts nomination
When I heard that Bayh was choosing to vote against the Roberts nomination, I was surprised and a bit annoyed. I watched quite a bit of the Senate hearings, and saw no reasonable reason for anyone to vote against this wise, thoughtful man as a judge. Bayh doing so surprised me because (A) I thought he was a more moderate Democrat, and Democrats are planning to vote for Roberts, so I assumed he would too, and (B) he's representing INDIANA, a state whose population, by and large, would support Roberts, given the chance to vote. This editorial in the Indy Star probably hits the nail on the head- political positioning trumping responsibility to constituents. But who knows.

Indiana's legal system discriminating against the poor
I really respect the public defenders that are speaking out about the unfairness of this waiver. That's what "justice for the poor" is all about. What appalls me is how long-standing this practice is, and that it has never been questioned.

That's all I've got. In other, more localized news, all the furniture that is coming to or leaving our apartment has finally came or left. We have a TV with a VCR and DVD player hooked up, and I watched The NeverEnding Story and Return of the Jedi with Josh yesterday. I discovered I have 2 tests Friday, so 'Studying' will be the theme of the week. Next weekend, we hope to get more wedding stuff done, for planning was put on hold for a few weeks. We need to get back to it. Eight months to go...

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