Josh's home, now I'm gone

Sorry about not posting for a while. I've been a bit distracted by a certain gentleman returning from a long trip. I'm had a wonderful week-and-a-half catching up with him. It's been great. The graduation party was great too- I love Matt's dairy farm, its so quiet and beautiful up there. I enoyed visiting again.

As for right now, I am neither on the dairy farm nor with Josh. I am in Atlanta, in a dorm room at Georgia Tech, getting ready to head for breakfast. I'm at the ResNet Symposium, a conference of 300 technology people from colleges who are in charge of the residential networks at their respective schools. I'm here because A) I'm giving a presentation about Bradford Campus Manager and how Taylor has used it and B) I was selected to receive the Senti-Merriman Scholarship to be here. People are making a big deal about both of them. I don't like being made a big deal of.
When we got hee, we got a bag full of goodies which was fun to sort through- a glass and a candy jar and a laptop bag and a couple notepads and a retractable network cable and a pen. Lots of nifty stuff. Oh, and Bradford sent a mug and polo shirt for the Taylor staff beforehand. Yay for toys.
The plans today are "pre-conference tutorials"-- workshops before everyone gets here. There's an opening banquet tonight where I might be introduced to everyone.

OK, off to breakfast!

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Ashley said...

give me a call!!!! before you are back in indiana, that is


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