All done.

My last final for the year, British Literature, got over today at 9:30, so I am officially done with my junior year of college. It's exciting.
After this morning, the day was wonderfully restful- I took a short nap, had lunch & went to the park with Tree, finished my nap, had dinner with my small group, and spent the rest of the evening talking to them. I am relieved to have the semester behind me. It wasn't busy on the scale of what other semesters have been, but I am still glad the summer is here. I even have a whole week off! This is the first summer yet that I have not started work within a weekend of school finishing. I think the week off will consist of much wedding planning.

Josh is continuing his adventures, and I am continuing to miss him. Speaking of missing people, I have very many friends who are graduating Saturday and who I will miss very much come next school year. Speaking more of missing, I get to see the friend I miss currently, Ashley, Friday night. That is happy.

That's all for now.

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