First Ever Care Package

So, because I go to a church of 6-7,000 people while at home, go figure, I've never expected special attention. At a church that size, I have to make the effort myself to get involved, and I did when I was home in high school, but haven't regularly attended the church for the last three years because, go figure, I'm an hour away, at college.
Well, today was a first. Josh & lots of my friends get care packages from their home churches around finals time with goodies to get them through studying. Today was the first time I've ever gotten one from my church- totally unexpected. I was very excited. I already ate the M&Ms in it, and am very excited to use the Starbucks & Ivanhoes gift certificates contained inside. Yay.
Finals start tomorrow with Algorithms, Interactive Application Development, and Natural Language Processing. They end Wedensday with British Literature and the 1100+ words of essays we're supposed to write while taking the test. Wish me luck.

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