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I'm blogging just because I feel like I haven't in too long, so I am. Not the best reason, but, so be it.
  • Up until today, I wasn't sure what the bible study I lead was going to do for the rest of the semester- we finished our first study, Women Who Mattered to Jesus, before Spring Break. Because bible study was tonight, I had to figure something out. I decided, because of the dynamics of my group (read: no attention span), to do something a little different than the typical sit-read-answer-question style. We're going to watch a movie a week for the rest of the semester and discuss the truth and values communicated by Hollywood film, backed up by scripture. On tap for next week is The Big Kahuna, followed by The Matrix, Good Will Hunting, Lord of the Rings, and a fifth movie not yet determined, but possibly in theaters. I hope these movies will be a livelier way to see how God's truth is manifest all over, and how we can communicate effectively and discerningly concerning popular culture. See my two previous posts on the issue. It interests me.

  • I got my schedule set today for next year and am turning in my Application for Graduation tomorrow. Wow. Doing that makes graduation feel very close, but, in actuality, it's over 400 days away, which is not very close.

  • Tonight, I facilitated a discussion at a Hall Council event about the AIDS pandemic. A few girls from my dorm, as well as other students around campus, went to a conference at Wheaton about the problem, what's being done, and what we can do. These students shared what they learned and brought materials to hand out. One of the girls brought up the point that hit home for me the most- this disease is most severely affecting the weakest in society, women and children who can't protect themselves. We as Christians are called to protect these people specifically-widows, orphans, or, in modern terms, young unwed mothers. I feel like the American church isn'tt doing enough. I feel like I am not doing enough. The problem seems bigger than something I can even attempt to dent. Something I realized tonight, though, and need to remind myself of, is that God is bigger than this seemingly incomprehensibly large issue.

  • Yesterday was a good ice-cream day and I told Josh that and he and Mitch came up and had Ivanhoes with me and that was happy.

  • Supposedly, there's going to be an article in the Echo about me going to the ResNet Symposium. Matt's going to take a picture of me working on a computer tomorrow because, um, that's what I do. It doesn't make for very good pictures, however. Matt's a creative guy, though.

  • During the next week and a half, I have 3 projects due and a test in a class I am thoroughly lost in, so don't expect too many posts. There. That's my disclaimer.

OK, that's it.

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