Project! Done!

So, this is what I've been working on off-and-on over Spring Break: THE RANDOM WRITER
Although the front page, I just realized, doesn't give any instructions, here's the deal: put a large amount of text into the text box, or upload a text file, and this handy-dandy tool will randomize the piece with different granularity, resulting in very funny phrases that aren't quite, but could have been in the original text. I have been playing with this WAY too long. I should be in bed. Here are some examples of results I got:

From The Real Mother Goose K=8
SCARER Away, birds, away! Baa, baa, black sheep Barber, barber, shave a pig. How many were going to help them to bed.

cannot dance alone. Here they run! Three blind mice! See how they stand still, And far away he flew.

From the Bush State of the Union address, 2005, K=9
are just the beginning of our duty. To build a culture of life. Medical researchers and so many others are working every day they are afraid of democracy in the Middle East, can now show the way toward democracy and human rights and elected branches of governments that answer to the Iranian regime that it must give up its uranium enrichment programs ranging from literacy to sports.

I Have a Dream, K=4
to speed the chainside, liberty, of thern cities. We cannot become of Missississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississississ

Aesop's Fables, K=7
the sound and restored to himself. The Ant, perceiving the faggot, took shelter in marriage.

Bush's speech after 9/11, K=6
training camp in Afghanistan -- after all the lives to come. In all the last nine days, the Union in the saying for the Armed Forces to harbor or support terrorists of New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Kerry's DNC speech, K=6
lift up there. The sun is rising. Our plan for a stronger American dream and help is on the States. (LAUGHTER) Thank you.

unforgettable memories of being a kid mesmerized by the British, French and American dream, so that Enron can get even more.

We believe in: our strength when we came back with the deep belief should remember the hours after September 11th when we came to the next horizon and asked, "What if we could take off at Kitty Hawk?

need to finally all about our race from place. (APPLAUSE) And we will not cut benefits. And we will.

I will lose, and their minds accompanied by the loss of Americans, Senate, I broke with me tell you saw the optimists.

Indiana BMV Manual:
from an Alley, Building or Driveway: A driver waiting for the tracks, all occupant from the disabled vehicles manufactured in 1964 or thereafter are required to respond to the next exit and reenter the intersection at the same direction you wish to pass.

by law enforcement officer may direct traffic flow and to indicate nearby parks and recreational Highway Work Zones: If you come to a complete stop signs: The rules pertaining a Safe Distance: The automobile driving on wet roads, your vehicles Turning left from a doctor), should continue to move into a lane, which children are present.

Let me reiterate my disclaimer: These phrases are NOT actually from the stated texts, they are randomly generated from the text, but do not appear in this form, nor are they implied.

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