A new adventure

I think wedding planning will be a new adventure.

I haven't felt like blogging lately, but I feel obliged to put some sort of update here. Here's some things that have been going on in my life lately:
-I had a pesto-tomato-and-cheese sandwich for lunch. That is definitely one of my favorites and made me happy.
-My friend Katelynn called me last night because she heard through the grapevine I was engaged. I talked to her for about 45 minutes, and was very happy to catch up. I miss her.
-Last weekend, Josh & I went home to talk to my parents about preliminary wedding plans. It was fun to tell them what we are thinking and discuss different ideas and considerations. I'm excited to plan this event. From what I've heard, however, I will be less excited and more annoyed as the time approaches, and I will want to throw the wedding out the window and elope by the end of it. We will see.
-Valentine's Day was yesterday, and I didn't get to see Josh. That was alright, however, because we're getting together tomorrow. My thoughtful prince surprised me Sunday- when I left his apartment, I found a card, balloon, and flower in my car. I felt very loved.
-In my Interactive Application Development class, we have to make a web page to demonstrate different concepts, and I decided to start a wedding website, because I figured I would have to make one anyway. I'll let you know where it is as soon as it is more finished, and we have more wedding-stuff planned.

There's certainly more to say, but I've got to head to class.
There. I blogged. Now I feel better.

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Ashley said...

Have ya'll set a date, or not yet? I can't remember. :-p


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