Contrary to the last post, I HAVE felt like blogging lately, just haven't found the time. Stuff's happened. Here's the highlights:
  • Last weekend, I went home to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. Nanny, as we call her, had been visiting my parents in Indianapolis for the last few weeks, and my aunts came up from Georgia to visit as well, then took her back to Georgia with them. It was a delightful weekend. Seeing my aunts was wonderful, they were very excited about wedding plans, and I got lots of good tips and ideas. Celebrating Nanny was wonderful as well. She is an amazing woman. Here's a picture of her in 1944, when she was 29 and in Belgium during World War II as a nurse dietitian in Europe. Here's a more recent picture of her with my aunt's dog Chelsea. As a freak coincidence, Josh would have joined our family for the celebration this weekend had HIS grandmother's 90th birthday not occurred just 4 days before Nanny's. He was in Wisconsin visiting family while I was home this weekend.

  • Last week, I interviewed with Ontario Systems and am still waiting to hear if I'll have a job from them this summer. If I don't work there, I'll work at Taylor, so there's no huge stress about getting it, but I'm still hoping. I'm subleasing an apartment this summer from Alissa, who lives just a few blocks from Ontario, so working there would be very convienent. We'll wait and see.

  • Exciting sports news from the sports fans that surround me (namely my roommate and the girl next door): My floor's intramural basketball team is doing awesome- a 6-0 record and still going strong. Also, Taylor's girl's basketball team got an at-large bid to Nationals, and so will be heading to Sioux City, Iowa next week. They are very excited.

  • Last night, I went to Josh's apartment and cooked chili. It was yummy. It was a very good visit and much needed Josh-time, since I didn't see him last weekend, for he was in Wisconsin, as mentioned earlier.

  • I wanted to blog about chapel last Monday, but I didn't. I thought it wise to hold my tongue.

  • Tomorrow's goal: Algorithms project due Friday. Weekend goal: Interactive Applications Development project due Monday and lots of rest. I looking forward to a quiet weekend. Hoping to go to this Friday or Saturday. Hopefully hanging out with Tree & Dan Sunday.

There's certainly more that happened; these are the highlights coming to mind. Oh! Notice the addition to the footer. :-)


Anonymous said...

When you said you wanted to blog about chapel "last Monday", which date did you mean?

Joanna said...

The chapel on Feb. 28


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