Yay for Hondas

I'm a big Civic fan. I think Honda makes a great, practical car. Not fancy. Not fast. No bells and whistles. Reliability and gas mileage are more important to me anyway, and Civics are some of the best cars in this area. Yet another reason to own a Honda cam out today in the news: Honda has best retained value
Hopefully my new Civic will hold its value for a long time, because I plan on keeping it as long it makes sense for me to have a small car, which will probably be for a long time. When I was very young, we had a blue Civic station wagon that I was very attached to. My family's last Civic, which is now being well taken care of by Josh, we had for 12 years- over half my life!
Is it sad that I can track my life in terms of the Hondas I've ridden in?
I like Hondas.

Palindrome of the day: Sad, no Hondas.


Ashley said...

yay Hondas. :-) Although I've never owned one... Maybe that will be my next car. Since I will be car-less in a week. *gasp*

Josh said...

That's why their so cheap to lease. The dealership knows they can turn around and sell it in two years for a higher price than most American cars.

Josh said...

And, yes, I'm taking care of your car for you.

Joanna said...

Not my car... YOUR car.
Silly Josh.

peak said...

Mitsubishi Eclipse all the waayyyyy! :-D


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