My favorite Kristen

This week, I've done something unusual. I've actually worked on homework IN MY ROOM.
I've found the work environment of the dorm is somewhat more distracting than working in the Dungeon, my normal homework place, but it hasn't been all bad. I spent all my free time yesterday in my room while scrambling to finish my 4 2-page papers and 6 page papers (14 pages in all!), all due at 11:00 today. They got done :) And, in the meantime, I had a wonderful conversation with my roommate.
Yes, our papers went slower because we were chatting, but I really appreciated hanging out and talking with Kristen. It was very cool. We were both working on our physics papers, and, among other things, we discussed issues surrounding Creation and Evolution, which we were writing about. She made me think, and I appreciate that. She definitely has more faith than I do, and I can learn from her. I definitely should do this more- sit and talk to people- or at least be available to hang out, which I am not most of the time.
So, yeah. Kristen's cool.

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