Looking forward...

Lots to look forward to coming up. I'm very excited.
Tomorrow: Dinner with Ashley & Josh
Wednesday: Done with finals! and Ivanhoes with the small group
Thursday: Home!
Saturday Leave for Georgia to see family I haven't seen in 3 years
Dec. 21: Back from Georgia
Dec. 22: Out for coffee with my new friend Alissa
Dec. 24: Breakfast with Josh, off to his brother's house, off to his family's Christmas party, back in time to go to the Christmas Eve service at Grace
Dec. 25: Christmas morning with the family, to the Eatons' for brunch, to Josh's for more Christmas excitement
Dec 29: Celebrating my birthday with my and Josh's family
Dec 31: New Years Eve
Jan 1: New Years Day
Jan 2: My 21st birthday
Jan 3: Back to school for J-term
Jan 6: Josh & my one and a half year anniversary
And, further in the future, Jan 29: Tree & Dan's wedding, Josh & David's 21st birthday

Mad excitement.
Palindrome of the Week, concerning finals: Can I attain a 'C'?

1 comment:

Ashley said...

you forgot a very important day!!!!! :-D Dec. 26. I'm sure you're looking forward to it. :-)

i'm looking forward to you and Josh coming for dinner. hooray!


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