The Meaning of Memories

I've been blogging like crazy lately... I've been in a really contemplative mood the last few days. For some reason, I've been processing philosophical questions like mad. It's kinda tiring. Fun, though. I'll have more on that later.
I just finished watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which is a contemplative movie all around about the meaning of memories and the implications of losing them. There are some important themes I got out of the movie:
Memories make us
We are what we know, we are our experiences. OK, so I know there's something deeper than that about each person. But much of who we are, what we do, how we relate, is all tied to our history, our memories. I've learned more in the last year the importance of stories as part of identity. Close-knit families or towns or schools or friends are so because they recount often their triumphs, their funny moments, their tragedies, anything that they experienced together. The memories are key to the group's and individual's identity.
In the movie, the characters were broken and devestated when they realized they had lost memories-even bad, hurtful memories- because they realized they had lost a bit of themselves, their life, their experiences that makes them who they are.
Could I do it over the same way?
So, let's say I did lose all my memories of anything and everything that reminded me of my best friend. Would we meet again? If we did, would we 'click' in the same way? Could we achieve the same level of relationship? How would things turn out differently? Are we just friends because of current circumstances and surroundings, or is there something more that draws and holds friends together?
Could I fall in love with the same person all over again? How would things be new or different? If we started over with a blank slate and met, could we start off even better and grow even closer? Or would we completely miss each other and never cross paths again? It's funny how many people we do that with.
I'm glad God works things out the way he does. He knows what he's doing.
I'm sure there was more in the movie, but it is late, and has been a long week, and it is my bedtime. FFH concert tomorrow!
Goodnight Moon.

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Ashley said...

That movie was recommended to me. I need to watch it sometime. If memories can be equated with experiences then they are great teachers. You're right, they do make us, just like experiences shape us. I would hate to lose my memory.


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