Too many teams

Right now, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Not so much because classwork is hard, or I have lots of tests to worry about, or a lot of reading to catch up on, but because of projects. Last semester, I was busy with a project, but it was, primarily, my only project. I and my group had essentially one big thing to worry about for an entire semseter. And things turned out well.
Contrast that with this semester. I don't have One Overwhelming Project, which I suppose can be viewed as a good thing. What I do have, however, is lots of group projects- smaller ones than last year, but each project is big enough to last the semester. The semester-long project isn't even what bothers me, though. The part I'm struggling with is the fact each of my projects this semester is a GROUP project. So, I don't only have my schedule to worry about to get what needs to be done, done for each of my classes- I have to worry about the schedules of 2 other people I'm working with in Mod Sim, and the 2 in Knowledge Based Systems, and my partner for the Software Engineering presentation, and my partner for the Software Engineering project. On top of that, I have meetings that I have to work around schedules of the 6 other Hall council members, 4 other small group members, and 7 other COS Club officers. I can't be in control of my calendar, because I can't do any of these projects or groups on my own. I'm tied to what works for the group. And, go figure, I've got classes too. And relationships to keep up. I always hesitate to wish for more hours in the day, because I know that, if there were more hours in the day, they would get filled just as the hours I've got now are.
I'm being told in classes, "You must learn to work on a team, because all your projects in the workplace will be in a group." I don't doubt that at all. What I do doubt is if being on 7 teams, rather than one or two or three, is realistic. Hopefully I won't have to deal with this many concurrent groups ever again. That would be nice.
I look at other majors, and they get to work independently on their papers and projects and classwork. Oh, how that would simplify things! I guess it is just the nature of my field?
I guess I will have to learn.
Right now I feel frantic.
And this too shall pass.

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Matt Wissman said...

I totally agree with you. Last year, that was what boged me down the most was all of the gorup projects. Now, I still have a lot of group projects, but it's more managable. It would be nice if we had more indivual projects in Comp Sci.


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