Irrelevance is our enemy

While I ought to have bee doing my homework, I was browsing random blogs to see who's out there, and came upon a link to OBJECTIVE: Christian Ministries. Frightening site. Really. I really wish it was all a very funny joke, but I see no indication of that. At all. I hate that people make fools of themselves in the name of Christianity. I'm not talking "God made the foolish shame the wise", as Paul points out. That's different. People like these are legalistic and proud and completely out of touch with the culture and how to communicate with it. The organization runs this website, complete with an interactive Baby Jesus head, and, of course, 'Baby Jesus' merchandise. My favorites (PLEASE no one buy these for me. These aren't funny.) are the Baby Jesus Chastisement Cards and the the Anti-fornication Thong. Yeah, this really bothers me. And the irony of it all is, they speak out against all things Consumer, specifically malls:

Malls Of The Damned
"But surely malls are just places of commerce, not deliberate attempts to lead people away from Christ," you may be thinking to yourself. Unfortunately the facts point to the malls' knowing complicity with the cause of anti-Christian Secularism. Besides the complete lack of Christian references in their so-called Christmas displays and decorations (just try and find a Cross or depiction of the Baby Jesus amongst all the Santas and snowmen and shiny balls), more subtle subconscious suggestions of Secularism's anti-Christian stance can be found by studying the names of common mall stores:

* J.C. Penny - The J.C. makes us think of Jesus Christ, thus associating our Lord with the lowest monetary value, the penny (even Judas valued Him at 30 pieces of silver!).
* Sears - What the flesh of the damned does in Hell. It also sounds like "seers", Pagan mystics who engaged in occult premonitions.
* Cinnabon - Sounds like "Sin Upon".
* Orange Julius - Named for the Pagan Emperor of Rome. This company's mascot was once a devil, until they changed it to hide their true intentions.
* Hot Topic - A recent store aimed at children that openly sells devil paraphernalia. Any guess as to why "hot" is in their name?
* Hallmark Gold Crown Stores - Purveyors of Santamas tree ornaments depicting anthropomorphized woodland creatures (reference to Evolutionism) and Harry Potter merchandise. What notable person will have a mark and wear crowns? [Rev. 13:16, 13:1]

Clearly there are ulterior motives evident. Even the word "mall" evokes evilness being a homonym for "maul" - the violent rending of flesh - and "mal" - Latin for "bad" and root for words like "malicious" and "malevolent". These Malls of the Damned - open even on Sunday! - are no innocent business centers, but active parties in the conspiracy to promote Secularism.

And we as young Evangelical Christians have a hard time understanding why we can't seem to communicate to the world, why no one will take us seriously. It's because our culture, when it hears 'Christian' thinks of either grand, dusty cathedrals, or groups like this, who are so out of touch with where the culture is at, they are completely ridiculous and even offensive. We must strive to be relevant.
What are we to do?


Ashley said...

This reminds me of a site I found once about how Christian musicians are evil, or something along those lines... I completely agree with you. It seems that a lot of Christians these days are repeating the same mistakes of the Pharisees - in that we're being so concerend with legalism that we're missing the people that Jesus came to save. I appreciate your view, Joanna, please keep expressing your thoughts. :-)

Matt Wissman said...

These are the same people that I blogged about that think Apple is evil.

Anonymous said...

Wow... how very sad... I agree with you... how dare someone put Jesus' face on a thong! That is just terrible!
Joanna H.

Jeff B. said...

Whew....I was "surfing" and skimmed your blog until I hit the Malls of The Damned subtitle. I started reading at that point. I thought you were promoting that veiw.

All those things remind me of the church I left 5 yrs ago. Thanks for the info-It's a crazy world we live in,huh?



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