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And my crazy week is done. I am exhausted. I should be in bed right now, but I'm not. I'm here telling you about my crazy week. The vendor of the system I'm working on this summer was here Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday to help us finish the setting up of the system and help us iron out bugs. We had a lot done when he got here, so my nights weren't as late as I projected they might be, but I did work a 40-hour week in 4 days. It wa exciting to see everything I had worked on come together- the scans I have written, the web pages I wrote, the testing I had done- it all worked very nicely. We still have things we want to add and loose ends we want to tie up, but, as my boss put it, "If all the students were showing up on campus tomorrow, and this system had to be working when they got here, we could do it. It'd be a late night, but it would happen." That's exciting to me- that we've come so far. We even turned on the system just in Gerig, to test a whole building! So, if any of you Gerigians decide to wander to Gerig early and plug in a computer, you'll have to register with the Campus Manager system to get on the Internet. And if my scans say you don't have the right patches on your operating system, or you don't have Taylor's antivirus client, you won't be on the network till you fix that. :)
I know people are going to hate this registration system when they get to school, but I'm still proud of it- and I think it really will avoid a lot of problems. Although I'm exhausted, I'm happy-exhausted, because my work has paid off. Yay! And now I get 5 days off, and get to spend 2 of those days with Josh, and some with my family and friends. I just finished talking to my friend from Germany- she's in Carmel right now, so I hope to see her while she's still in the States. Another of my friends just got back today to Indiana, and I will surely see her before she leaves in a month. Lots of excitement.
OK, bedtime for Jo.

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Ashley said...

you're right - the system will be annoying :-) but knowing that you've worked hard to design it will make it better. i'm glad you survived the 40-hour week in 4 days... so you get a nice long vacation, huh? :-) enjoy your time with your family and josh... and congrats on being domestic; you're about as domestic as i am ;-) we'll see how the apartment thing goes next semester!


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