Firefox wins out!

OK, so people at work pick on me endlessly for not using IE as my primary browser (or at all if I can help it!). We're a Windows shop, and they believe strongly that IE is the only 'proper' browser to use if you want pages to display correctly. I assert that most everything works fine via Mozilla or Firefox, and Firefox has extra features I can't imagine living without, tabbed browsing being my absolute favorite. I also appreciate the protection from spyware I get by not using a browser so ingrained in the operating system.
Well, when I get back to work Wednesday, maybe my browser and I will get some respect! The Department of Homeland Security issued a recommendation this week to NOT use IE because of its security flaws. In addition, Wired News reports that Firefox downloads have skyrocketed since the recommendation by Homeland Security.
For once, I concur with Homeland Security- protect yourself, get Firefox here
To avoid all the dangers in Microsoft Outlook as well, get my favorite mail client Mozilla Thunderbird here.


Matt Wissman said...

Yay! I like Firefox. Web programing would be better if every one used browsers like FireFox: standars compliant :)

Ashley said...

Okay you convinved me - I downloaded Firefox and we'll see how this goes. :-)


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