Gettin' all domestic

Last week, I did something I've never done before: I got all domestic. I guess that happens when I've got my own place to run- having to cook & clean & keep up things around the house- it's just something I've never tried before. So this is how it went:
Monday, I wasn't too domestic. I did taxi Melissa to and from the doctor a few times, and worry over her, which is a motherly thing to do, I suppose. Tuesday, the computer science secretary invited Melissa and I to a Pampered Chef party. Now, my mom & sister had been to a countless number of these, but I've avoided them entirely, and tried to Tuesday, to no avail. It was a little get together of a few nice ladies who wanted to ohh and aah over serving trays and choppers. I felt a bit out of place. I also did yardwork Tuesday. Maybe the party inspired me, because, Wednesday, I just about cleaned the house from top to bottom. I vacuumed, swept, cleaned some dishes, straightened up most of the house... and felt better afterwards. Thursday I wasn't as domestic but still "cooked" (or did something as close to cooking as I do) and made soup and grilled cheese for dinner. It counts as cooking if you use the stove, right? Friday I didn't do as much in the way of housework, but did mow the lawn, which is still somewhat domestic because it's keeping up the house. Saturday I wasn't home all day, because of our 14-hour movie marathon, but I was all hostess-like, putting out food for the party, making sure the food was ordered and that things got cleaned up afterwards. Yesterday, Josh was here (yay!) and we really did cook- we used both the stove and oven! and microwave. It was delicious.
As a kid, I never had household chores, so my mom worries, and I did some, that I wouldn't know how to keep up a house, because I had never done it. After this week, I feel like I can handle it, and it will be kinda fun when I'm out on my own, it is just more time consuming than I thought it would be. It's not so bad, though.

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