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I read a news story yesterday about an announcement that all us Indiana residents can get free office software, email, and remote storage of files from SimIndiana. I'm like, 'hmm, cool' so, as I was leaving work yesterday, I started the download. I got to work today, installed it, and checked my normal CNN-Slashdot-Weather.com sites (In that order, in tabs across the top of my browser) and saw the story hadn't appeared on Slashdot yet. So I decided to do something crazy- actually try to submit a story to the world-renowned slashdot. I had only tried once before, and that was more of a joke than anything- it was a story about a guy who runs a hot-dog stand in Canada, among other Canadians, not liking the war in Iraq. This story was MUCH more applicable, so I wrote something up really quicl. Lo and behold, not much later, TaylorJo had her first slashdot story submission posted for all of the world of technology to see.
OK, so this isn't as exciting as it sounds, and no one actually looks at the name of the person who submitted the story, but, hey, I'm a dork so I'm excited.
As for the story and SimIndiana, It's got its ups and downs. I'm not able to completely check it out right now because I'm behind a proxy, and the software can't seem to handle it. It doesn't crash gracefully when I try to use it behind the proxy, which is decidedly bad design. BUT, if it does work while not behind a proxy, this will be an amazing opportunity for social-justice causes around the state. It will allow for people who previously couldn't afford Office suites to be able to learn valuable job skills on this software, which does look very much like Microsoft's products. The idea has potential, but it may take a while to get the bugs figured out.


Ashley said...

That's so cool! I was there when you sent something to slashdot before - about the Canadians - and I'm glad your submission was accepted! :-D Hehe you're published now :-)

peak said...

yeah for being published on slashdot! :-D

congrats. good to know you're still feeding your slashdot addiction. i wish i had time to feed mine :-P

anyway, off to bed i go... long day ahead.


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