Crunch time

The last two days, I've been working extra-busily to get ready for the climax of my project for the summer. The vendor of the new system I'm working on is sending a guy to help us configure and set up the device. We already have done a lot of what he usually does when setting the system on a new campus, so that is encouraging, so I hope he'll help us pull the pieces together. I can get computers registered one at a time with the system, I hope he'l come and show us how to manage an entire building of computers... stuff like that. So my schedule next week looks like I could potentially be working till 10 pm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Which will be exhausting. But, if that happens, I'll take Thursday & Friday off- giving me a 6 day weekend! (Sunday is July 4th, so everyone gets off July 5th, and I'm taking July 6th off to spend time with Josh on our year anniversary! :-D)
I also found out today that two of my friends from afar, one from Georgia and the other from Germany, will both be here in a week. I'm super excited to see both of them. Especially the one from Germany who I haven't seen in a year. Speaking of not seeing people in a year, I hadn't seen the aforementioned Katelynn in a year before hanging out with her Saturday. I got very sunburned, but, besides that, it was absolutely delightful.
Lunch break's about over, I ought to go. Josh is coming tonight, I'm very excited. Tree & Dan are going to stop by too. It should be a good time.

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Ashley said...

Yuck, working till 10 is no fun... but i hope you're able to take thursday and friday off. :-) you'll have lots of fun with josh. what are the big plans? :-) good luck next week with hitting the climax of your project... are you having fun in the meantime?


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