For the guys...

The last post was female-centric, and that wasn't fair, so, to balance it out, here's a note to the guys:
You don't have to be a dashing, fairy-tale prince, just as we are not all dainty princesses. You, too, are a son of the God of the Universe, a prince in the household of the King of Kings. That's a high calling. You are to be a fighter in his army, a knight with armor, to fight against the enemy of your Father's kingdom. Your strength is not your own, but you are given a Spirit and weapons that, in the end, will win out.
You were given tools to use to help build God's house- his Church. They may not be up-front tools everyone will see you use, but they are crucial to the mission of the community God has put you in. Discover what they are and use them! We need leaders of integrity in God's family.
As a prince, treat the princesses with respect. We need encouragement and constant reminding that we are valuable apart from the value the world puts on us- which is low and in the wrong places. And, conversely, we will remind you of your high value and calling apart from the world's view. Your integrity and humble service are of great importance in the Kingdom.
I apologize I haven't studied the 'prince' side of the analogy as well, but I appreciate every prince-brother-in-Christ in my life. You matter!


Matt Wissman said...

I appreciate your posts. One day, I hope to find my princess and she will have found her prince.

FJ said...

I believe I have found my princess. I only can hope that I will treat her as well as I am intended to. God bless you Joanna, wonderful posts.


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