Wanderings this week

Oh, the joys of summer. I have been worn out by full days at work, but my weekends have been full of adventures- and even some days after work, between thunderstorms. Oh, by the way, it's raining outside right now.

Last weekend (June 12/13) Josh and I went adventuring all over east central Indiana. First stop was the Crawfordsville Strawberry Festival, which, unfortunately, was not as exciting as I thought it might be. There were much fewer strawberries than I expected. On our way back to the car, there was a sign pointing down a road perpendicular to the one we were on that said "Ben-Hur Museum" I'm thinking, Ben-Hur? That museum belongs in the middle east, not the midwest. It was pretty random, so I insisted we investigate. We ended up walking almost completely around the block to come to the front entrance. Apparently, the writer of Ben-Hur lived in Crawfordsville, and now they have a museum about him in his study, which he designed. We sat through a documentary and speech about the man. It was fun and interesting and educational. And a good precursor for the rest of the day.
Next, to kill a bit of time, we headed to Raccoon Lake, a state park. It was nice. We hiked around, but it was kinda hard going, and all the ground was wet & muddy (see thunderstorm comments above) We were killing time before our last adventure of the day, going to a war reenactment in Rockville, IN. It was fun to see everyone dressed up, and Josh is interested in history but had never been to one, so I enjoyed bringing him too.

And the week continued, and it rained. And rained. Melissa & my responsibility this summer is to mow the grass of the couple we're housesitting for, and after they left, it rained for 2 weeks straight. I felt awful that the grass had gotten so long, but there was nothing we could do. Mowing would tear up the yard. So Melissa & I & a couple others went to Hartford City for the Heritage Days festival last Wednesday. Nothing was super exciting there, except for the little ice cream shop on the courthouse square. We got DELICIOUS shakes there. It was delightful. While we were there, we saw these signs which made me laugh, so I took a picture. First, what happens in Hartford City between 4am & 6am on Tuesdays?! The mystery of the city... and then TWELVE MINUTE parking?! why? Why not 10, or 15? That made me laugh as well.

We finally decided to make good use of all the rain we had, take advantage of the soft ground, and weed the back flower bed, which had become quite overgrown. We ended up with quite a pile of weeds when we were done, but a much clearer flower bed. The house we're staying in has a gorgeous yard, I love it. I also felt better when we got some yardwork done. Melissa did too- as she is smiling here- but not for long. Apparently there was poison ivy in the flower bed, and apparently I'm not allergic to it, but she is, and reacted very strongly. It didn't show up for a day or so, but I came back last night and she had awful-looking blisters. So today we were adventuring to the doctor's office.

That's the long story of my last week or so. It's been great fun, and very exciting. Right now, Melissa & I are planning a big event for this weekend- a Lord of the Rings marathon. If you're in the vicinity of Upland, and can stand 12+ hours of Hobbit & Lord of the Rings excitement, come join us! It should be a blast.
Oh, and in the midst of all that has gone on, I finished the book I was reading and am continuing the other.

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