And... I'm back. In Upland, that is.
Actually, I got settled much faster than I thought I would. Everything in my room is unpacked and put away, and I am comfortable at the house. The Dungeon, right now, is eerily quiet. Earlier I heard people, but I suppose everyone has left for lunch.
Last night on the Cartoon Network, Melissa & I watched an animated movie that was Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers run into one, probably made in the 70's. It was very comical. I think, if a viewer had never read the books, they would be thoroughly lost. I was entertained.
So, yeah, things are quiet in Upland. Really quiet. I suppose I'll get used to it. Also, I want to find something to read- I usually spend my summer devouring books, and now I am miles and miles from the nearest decent library. Alas. Any summer reading ideas? I plan on going to the library when I'm home next weekend. Until then, however, I don't know what I'll do with myself.

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Matt Wissman said...

I've got a thrilling book by Dr. Charles you could read. Well, then again you might not want to read it...



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