Computer bug?

I got a really good laugh today. My sister never ceases to amuse me. Her ditziness was once annoying but I now find it comical. Here's my story:
I get a phone call today on my cell phone. It's my sister. "Hey, Joanna, I've got a computer question." My sister is a senior in high school, about to graduate, and she just got a new laptop for college. "OK," I say, "what's that?" "I want to take my laptop outside. How do I do that?" "Um, unplug it." "That won't screw it up or anything?" "No, Caroline. It has a battery. It will be fine." "OK, great, thanks."
I got a good laugh out of that one- I thought it was easy enough to take a laptop somewhere, on your lap, go figure. But that wasn't the best tech support call of the day. About 10 minutes later, my phone rings again:
"Hey, Joanna, I've got another question." "OK" "What if a bee flew in my computer?" "What?! A bee flew into your computer?!" I was already about to bust out laughing while I was talking to her. "Yes! A little bee flew into my computer!" I assumed she meant the holes by the fan, so told her to turn it off, so the bee wouldn't get all torn up by the fan. "Should I shut it down normal or turn it off? Should I shake it to get it out?" I was trying so hard to not laugh out loud that I couldn't answer her. "Just shut it down normally," I say. A minute later, she squeals. "Ah! It's out now. Thanks Joanna." I laugh & say bye & hang up. Later I find out it didn't crawl in by the fan, it was just in the hole that the latch goes in to hold the laptop shut when its closed.
ONLY my sister can manage to get herself into these situations.
True story. Promise.

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Matt Wissman said...

Debugging can be hard :)


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