Do you get too attached?

Joanna's-Take-on-the-News for the day: People feel loyalty to computers
Sounds silly, huh? Just a bunch of copper wire & silicon running at a bazillion RPMs under your desk? Not according to this article. I know I'm the first one guilty of anthropomorphism here. I talk about computers 'being obstinate', 'not feeling like listening to me', 'throwing a fit', 'thinking about' my last command, doing things in a happy (or unhappy) way, and assign various other adjectives and characteristics to my workstation that would be more fitting to my coworker or neighbor. Maybe that is why the field of Artificial Intelligence is so fascinating to me- and seems like the next logical step for the evolution of technology. It has already come into our language that we talk about computers as senient, emotional beings; the natural progression from that seems to be that is for them to become what we see them as.
Will this ever happen? Will the movies AI or The Matrix ever come true? Can metal ever pass a Turing test? I'm not sure. We get closer every day. I think it'd be cool if we did get there- from a technological standpoint- but I can't even begin to imagine the ethical, moral, and spiritual ramifications if we did write a program such that it becomes its own being with thoughts and emotions. I don't know if its possible. Gotta love science fiction, though. And, from looking at history, gotta know you can never rule anything out.
Technology's great.

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