Three weeks.

It hit me today during the hall council meeting. I've got three weeks til the end of the semester. Then finals. Then I'm done. I'm halfway done with my higher education in three weeks.
This year has flown. Really. It is a blur. A mostly wonderful blur, I might add, but a blur. It's been a very different sort of year for me- the first one I've had with a boyfriend and one of very few where I've both started and ended the year with the same close circle of friends. It's been great continuing the relationships I had my freshman year and having them continue to be strong. And, having Josh as support during my year of stressful classes is a huge blessing I can't have imagined having done without. My small group bible study has been loads of fun and insightful as well.
It's funny, I'm here to go to school, to learn how to be a computer scientist or whatever, but what really makes my year, what I take away most from the time I've spent at school, is the relationships. I contend we were formed for relationships, and all relationships, good or bad, hold a huge sway in our lives. I used to not believe that. I used to think I could 'go it alone'. Often I still act that way. Thankfully, I have been blessed by friends that continue to try to prove me wrong.
Praise God!

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