What will I tell him?

Four, five, ten years from now, he'll have questions.
About the images appearing on the news every September.
About the planes. And the buildings. And the crying people.

About the heroes. The firefighters and police and dogs and airplane passengers.
About the villains. Why and how and who and when.
About the victims. Could it be me? or mommy? or daddy?

I want to give hope.
The villains were evil men, but not everyone is evil.
I want to tell him the heroes did the right thing even when they were scared.

The victims, we can't forget them.
We can't forget the victims that came later, either,
All over the world.

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear."
We can't live in fear, I'll tell him.
Hate won't solve anything.

Forgiveness is hard.
Perfect love, even harder.
For the world's sake, for your future's sake, we've got to try.

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