My Pre-toddler

I haven't been here.

I mean here, on the blog.

It's just, my baby- my little 8-month-old- seems to be morphing into a toddler before my eyes, and I wasn't ready for this.

I mean, he's not toddling yet, but he did start cruising on furniture last week. I guess I had it in my head that babies learn to walk right when they turn one, so I was expecting to have a cruising baby at Christmas, not Labor Day.

He's got six teeth now. And lots of hair.

Sunday, in the nursery at church, the teacher reported that she gave him Cheerios, and he ate so many "I finally took them away because I was afraid he'd get a tummyache." He is all about eating, and can drink water from a straw.

Along with pulling up on everything, he plays peek-a-boo on the furniture. He'll peek over the edge of the couch or pack & play, catch my attention, lower himself down out of sight, pop up with a big grin so he can see me, I'll say "There's Elliott!" or "Boo!", and he'll repeat the game.

And then there's the communication thing. He's started waving. And, when he sees his rubber duckie, he exclaims, "A duh!" and "Quah quah quah".  When he sees Daddy, it's "Dadadada". He repeats "Moooo" and "Uh oh", too. Sometimes I think he says "Hi!" but I'm not sure. He's started pointing at things.

We went to a concert this weekend, and Elliott started dancing- bouncing and waving his arms with this huge smile on his face, the whole time the music was playing (and he was awake). It was the cutest thing ever. There are witnesses.

My child is no prodigy. I've heard of other babies reaching these milestones earlier. It's just all happening so fast. I feel like, if I blink, if I take my eyes off him for a second, I'll miss something really important or fun. I want to enjoy my baby before he runs off to the next stage. So, blogging and picture-taking has slowed, replaced with being present every moment I can.

Evidence of cruising (I really should get a video...):

(Just keeping it real. Yes, our living room is most often toy-strewn; yes, the coffee table is cleared because he's thrown all the coasters on the floor; and, yes, the swing he's probably too big for is still set up. He's not wearing pants because I like his new diaper. This is our life.)


Heather said...

"Don't Blink" by Kenny Chesney. Listen to it and you'll relate to it. I know it's country, but trust me on this one :)

Anonymous said...

I laughed as I read all the points you made regarding "what's wrong with the photo," such as Elliot isn't wearing pants. I laughed because I honestly didn't think twice about all the "props" in the photos. . . or lack of pants. I just saw a cute kid, working his way around the table, much to the delight of his mom.

honeyspoon said...
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