The morning started early-
Elliott decided it was time to be up!

I snuck out to the garden before church
the long stretch without rain had been broken Friday night, but just barely. It was enough to encourage a bunch of cherry tomatoes to turn red, though, and for the squash plant to set a few more crooknecks. I dug the rest of the onions, and picked the first full-sized tomato

It was good to be back in our worship service. With traveling and visiting with friends, it had been a month since we had worshiped together. Elliott moved from the 'little babies' nursery to the 'crawlers' room, where the toys are far more interesting. Lots of sad babies made Elliott cry too, but I went & reassured him it was fun to be at church, and he was alright the rest of the time.

We ran into friends- they're buying their first house! That was exciting news.

After church, we had more good news- family was coming to visit that afternoon. We went out to lunch after church. Elliott discovered he likes pickles, but doesn't like cooked carrots.

Family was waiting for us when we got home. The boys continued working on the siding project. My mother in law and I took Elliott to Goodwill, where we looked for a few things. I'm super-thankful for the friends who let us use their hand-me-down clothes from their winter-born boys, but Elliott is moving into 12 month clothes, and all the  12-month clothes for winter-born boys are for winter, go figure. Long sleeves will not work for these 90 degree days. I picked him up a couple outfits.

I tried and tried to get the baby to nap, but the visitors were far too exciting. As dinner approached, I wondered what to feed the group. The perfect summer meal was waiting in the kitchen, and was thrown together quickly- green beans from Josh's parents' garden, corn and cantaloupe from the farmer's market, grassfed beef made into hamburgers, topped with onions and tomatoes picked just a few hours before, and homemade pickles. Brownies were conveniently already made to finish off the meal. Perfect.

At the end of the day, I discovered another friend is getting married. Two weddings on the calendar for me coming up. Weddings, houses, babies. Lots of excitement.

It was a good day.


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