Seven months

Important parenting lessons I've learned this month:
  1. Supervising a mobile baby is a lot harder than watching a non-mobile baby. 
  2. Baby toys are never as interesting as the laptop cord/dog bowl/shoes/houseplant.
  3. It's cute for babies without teeth to gnaw on my finger, but a baby with teeth can bite.
  4. Elliott loves to swing!
  5. With enough practice, nursing in public is not that hard, and can be modest, even.
  6. Nursing an active, wiggly baby in public has the potential to be less modest, as he kicks, pulls my shirt up, and constantly wants to look around.
  7. If something on the ground can be picked up, it will be put in the mouth. This goes for sand, mulch, bits of leaves, and even large toys, if they can be lifted.
  8. Squeals of happiness are so cute, but also so LOUD. The only thing that will silence them in a restaurant is food to concentrate on trying to eat.
  9. Elliott loves to watch other kids play. The constant activity fascinates him. It's like he is trying to figure out how he's going to keep up.
  10. Babies get really sweaty.
  11. Baby clothing sizes seem so arbitrary. Some 12-month outfits are too big, some seem too small. Some 6-9 month outfits fit, and so do the 18-24 month swim trunks.
  12. Our dog is incredibly patient, even when Elliott is trying to climb over him.
  13. Aunts and uncles (and great-aunts and great-uncles and second cousins) are awesome.
  14. Babies grow up way, way too fast.

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