Stuck Baby

Being a only-somewhat-mobile baby is tough! Elliott ends up stuck in all sorts of predicaments.

He backs under the coffee table:

and backs under the couch ALL THE TIME:

The last couple nights, when I've put him down to play on a blanket, he's grabbed the edge of the blanket and started rolling, wrapping himself up like a burrito. Maybe he's telling me he wishes we swaddled him when he was a newborn. He thinks this blanket-rolling game is hilarious.

* These pictures are from my iPod Touch camera, posted on Instagram. Look me up, if you've got the app! Or, check out the sidebar gallery.

1 comment:

Jen Sebring said...

What a cutie!! My Maddie was never a daring baby, she ALWAYS took her time and never got anywhere she wasn't supposed to... I guess I was lucky. Found you via Kelle Hampton.. :)


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