Silly Shirts

Some people take their baby's wardrobes very seriously. There are all kinds of stores on the internet where you can spend upwards of $30 on a onesie. As for me, I'm cheap, and refuse to spend much more than $1 on something he'll probably just drool and poop on. All of Elliott's clothes are hand-me-downs or from consignment sales. So uncultured, I know.

What I've noticed in the hodgepodge of outfits we have, is the hilarious designs that we often overlook, because the baby wearing the clothes is so cute. I really question what onesie designers are thinking.

Exhibit 1: Elephant strangling a giraffe

This is where I first noticed it, on this newborn nightgown. Yes, the elephant is supposed to be "hugging," but this is a very awkward hug, looking more like a happy strangulation.

Exhibit 2: Green long-necked creature

What is this? Possibilities: Seasick giraffe. Long-necked alien. Dinosaur with floppy ears. Is the bee at the top right some kind of clue? There's no body to help us put this creature in context.

Exhibit 3: Sailor dolphin driving a submarine

Even Elliott and his uncle look troubled about this one. First, dolphins can swim without being in a submarine. Second, if a dolphin WAS in a submarine, it would be much worse off, because it needs to be surrounded by water for its skin not to dry out. This is just silly.

Exhibit 4: Beach scene

This is our favorite outfit to laugh at- we giggle at it every time he wears it. There's a lot going on here. The crab is somehow managing to hold an elephant and a crocodile over his head. The elephant is sharing his ice cream with the crocodile, who is standing on his head. The croc, wearing swim trunks, is saying "Yum!". The most perplexing part: The crab says "Yeah.", looking exasperated. Why?? So many mysteries.

Do you have any crazy baby clothes designs to share? Or any theories as to why these cartoons are so crazy?


Katherines Corner said...

giggle cute post. I think it's all about the colors. So cute though. Happy I found your sweet blog. Hugs

Beth @ In Good Cents said...

LOL, Joanna, I never thought about it, but they are hysterical. That's too cute! Thanks for the giggle :)

Cherie from Queen of Free said...

Hilarious! I especially love the elephant strangling the giraffe. :) You are so witty.


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