Five months

Little Elliott,

You're five months old! I'm belated on this post because, when May 26th rolled around, our family was in the midst of our first vacation! We went to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, then down to Georgia meet your great-grandparents, great-aunts and great-uncles, as well as my cousins (How are those related to you? "First cousin, once removed"?) You're the first great-grandchild on your Granny's side of the family, and they all thought you were amazing! The family members on your Poppy's side thought you were pretty special, too.

I knew this was going to be a fun month when your Daddy sent me this photo from his phone one day, with the email message "He started in the middle of the blanket..."

You're on the move! You're not exactly getting places very quickly, but you've mastered rolling, and scooting in a circle or backwards. If you're awake, you're moving. When you figure out how to get your knees underneath you, or how to pull yourself forward, we're in trouble. More accurately, Casey is in trouble, as you seem to want to play with him more than with us! Playing with your feet is your cutest new pastime. You're not-quite-sitting, and you've still not had anything to eat but mama's milk (I expect both of those to change this month).

We dedicated you at church this month, on my first Mother's Day, acknowledging we want to bring you up to know God, and that we'll need our church family's help to build into you as you grow. Almost your whole family showed up to see you on stage- it was a very special service!

We love you forever! You're So Much Fun!
Mommy & Daddy

Pictures from this month

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