Tax Day!

Tax Day is traditionally April 15th, or so I thought, but this year it's the 18th. We don't worry about the deadline, because Josh is always on top of things and has our taxes done as soon as all the paperwork is mailed to us by banks and non-profits. This year, the tax refund was especially large, since our bundle of joy made his appearance just a few days before the end of the year, all on his own.

Cutest tax deduction ever!

Plans for the unexpected money? A huge outdoor house project- new siding and gutters and patio. We won't be doing anything super fancy, but anything new is better than what we have, which is old and falling apart. The boxes of siding are already taking up our entire garage, and the rest of the supplies will probably be bought this weekend. Josh and some other family members have plans to complete this project themselves. This seems like a huge DIY undertaking, and I'm so impressed that he is jumping into this with both feet. By the end of the summer (and hopefully a lot sooner) Our house will be green rather than off-white. Exciting!

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