On the name

We just liked it. I mean, we liked Elijah for a long time, but met too many little Elijahs and discovered it was very popular- the #5 boy name for Indiana for 2009. Nationally, it's #21, so it's particularly popular around here. We didn't want him to have to be "Eli B." for all of his childhood, so we considered other names. Elliott is actually a variant of Elijah, with the meaning "The Lord is our God". After batting around some other ideas, all starting with vowels, we both liked Elliott (popularity rank in the 300's) , we just had to agree how to spell it! Josh won out, with two 't's. After we had decided on the name, our church friends the Elliotts took off on a yearlong adventure to serve in Haiti, just a few weeks before he was born. We look forward to telling him the story of the obedience of the family that shares his name!

This is a family name we liked- Josh's grandfather's middle name. Conveniently, Casper is also the traditional name of one of the Magi, which is a Christmas connection (not that we knew he'd be born so close to Christmas!) The name means 'treasurer', and 3 of 4 of Elliott's grandparents are accountants by training, so that seemed to be a good connection, too.

Right now, he's mostly 'Baby' or 'Little Buddy', but we'll get used to him being 'Elliott' soon enough.


"The Queen of Free" said...

I love names of significance: Anna (my paternal great grandmother) = Grace; Elizabeth = Given Back to God. She was born at a time when we needed grace and as much as possible we try to give her back to God.

Zoe is of course Life and her middle name is Natana (the female form of Nathan which means He Gave). So Life He Gave was extremely fitting of how she came into our world and continues to exude life in some many ways.


affectioknit said...

So very sweet! I love hearing why people chose the name the did for their baby...

Ashley said...

It's funny how it takes some time to get used to saying your baby's name, isn't it? Especially if you kept the name a secret while you were pregnant. That was my experience, anyway. And I'm slightly mad that you picked one of the names on my list. ;-) I love the name Elliott and I can't wait to meet him!!


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