I get it now.

I'll be honest- I have lots of stay-at-home mom friends, but I never understood how caring for a single newborn could be a full-time job. I mean, I figured they slept most the time, right? Like, 16 hours a day? So what's mom doing with her day while Baby's sleeping?

I get it now.

They tell new moms, "Sleep when Baby sleeps." If all Baby is doing is sleeping and eating and pooping, then all Mom is doing is sleeping when Baby sleeps, feeding Baby (which, in my case, takes an hour or more at each feeding), or changing diapers. If she wants to do anything else- get dressed, shower, feed herself, anything- she has to forgo sleep, which she's getting in one-and-a-half-hour increments.

Like I'm doing now, writing  this blog post with a sleeping baby on my lap, even though I sorely need a nap. Because, once there's a sleeping newborn on your lap, it's really hard to want to get up, and disturb his peaceful slumber. He's really, really cute.


Ariel said...

Thank you for hitting the nail on the head! And if your Elliott is anything like my Gracelyn, heaven forbid you lay them down after they've fallen asleep in your arms. I've tried that twice in the past hour and have given up. So here I sit, rocking her back to sleep for the third time in an hour knowing that I'm stuck until she wakes up. It's a good thing though!! Better get that nap in myself!

TheNormalMiddle said...

Yep. That is just how it goes!! :) Welcome to the club!

Kacie said...

Yeah...it's kind of nuts for awhile. But it does get easier! Seriously. And then you have two kids in diapers and somehow it still manages to work :)

So you're nursing for 1 hour at a time...do you think your latch is 100% on? If he's not latching perfectly sometimes it can take longer. Or, some babies just like to nurse all the ding-dong day.

And then when they have growth spurts and are pretty much just stuck to the boob for 24 hours or whatnot. Hah!

Anyway, take care of yourself!

Ashley said...

"Because, once there's a sleeping newborn on your lap, it's really hard to want to get up, and disturb his peaceful slumber. He's really, really cute."

Aww. :-)

Jes said...

Yup! Now add in homeschooling and chasing a two year old who gets into everything and you got my life! it's a nice life though. at least most days. :)

The Farmer Files said...

Before I was a SAHM I thought SAHMs were lazy. During my first pregnancy I was getting my Master's, working full time, and working an additional part timejob. I was involved in 2 Bible studies, and had special additional responsibilities at my job. Six years later I have had 3 babies, stayed home for 6 years, and have never been more exhausted and more happy in my life!

Lisa said...

Yeah. Isn't this fun?? I remember spending a lot of time on the couch with a laptop. Especially during the cluster feeds.

He'll start to eat faster at some point.. I want to say it started getting a little quicker around the 6 week mark for my slowpoke? I remember well getting all my sleep in 90-minute increments. Mrs. O. had at least one 60-minute eater as well. Maybe it's a boy thing.

Hope you have all the phones turned off and the doorbell disconnected so that no one disturbs your naps!

Heather said...

:) We are available to come hold Elliott on a Sat. or Sun. so you can do some of those things, even if just for an hour! Maybe he'll be awake for us next time.

alissa said...

hey, if he is eating for an hour or more at a time...i am wondering if he's really eating or just "hanging out"...is he actively sucking for that whole time? or does it change to that little fluttery suck? have you had your latch assessed? are you in any pain or anything?

how many wet/poopy diapers is he having a day? have you had him weighed recently?

it surprises me a little that it is taking him so long to eat...are you offering both sides at a feeding? or are you letting him "finish" a side before switching him?

does it always take him that long? or is this a fairly new development? there is a common growth spurt at 3 weeks which might make him want to nurse more often, but i don't think it should take him quite that long if he's really actively eating and swallowing the whole time.

need me to come over and see what's going on in person? give me a call....

Promotional Pens said...

Enjoy your time together... they grow so fast!


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