I'm lucky. I know that.

I was born into a family that could meet my needs, into a country that's the richest in the world, where we put energy toward figuring out a shopping strategy for Black Friday rather than wondering where our next meal is coming from. During the pregnancy, while I've been shocked by the cost of medical care, I haven't wondered where I'd get it or where the money would be coming from to pay for it. I'm lucky to have insurance, to have access to skilled midwives, and to have the opportunity to go to a birth center.

Not all mothers have the same choices.

Compassion International is best known for their child sponsorship programs all over the world- and they do an excellent job of connecting American Christians and needy third-world families and providing the families what they need. I've loved reading the stories of bloggers close to home who have taken trips to meet their sponsored children (with both Compassion and World Vision). Apparently Compassion has another program, Rescue Babies Now, that focuses on getting care to vulnerable mothers and the smallest children, to help infants and toddlers survive. Of course, this hits home for me this year, knowing that I'm just lucky- I've had a happy, healthy pregnancy, but I could have as easily been born elsewhere, and been one of these mothers, just hoping their babies survive.

What can you do?
- Give to a "child survival center" monthly
- Make a one-time gift to provide a birth attendant for a mother, provide birth and baby supplies, provide a month of food & supplements to a mother & baby, or provide vaccinations for a child, each for $100 or less.
Sponsor a child 3 years old or up, to help pay for their education and support their family

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