Every Weekend

Every single week, I sit at my desk during the day, and drink lots of water- resting and hydrating like a good pregnant person. I eat at regular times, and, in the evening, I might be busy, but it won't be too strenuous.

And then there's the weekends. I feel great during the week (from the aforementioned taking-good-care-of-myself), so I forget that I need to not overdo it on the weekends- and fail miserably. This weekend, for instance, Saturday after my baby shower, we hit 5 different stores returning a few gifts, then went to dinner, then to pick up Casey from getting groomed. Sunday, we went to church, then on a huge grocery shopping trip at 3 different stores, then to a late lunch. We went home, unloaded all the groceries, figured out what to use some of the gift cards for from the previous day, and went back out shopping at 3 more stores for baby stuff. Lots of walking, standing and up-and-down, and not so much resting, eating well, and drinking water like I should.

By the end of the weekend? Ow. I definitely had overdone it. I could not sleep last night, thanks to soreness from too much walking, and not enough resting. I obviously didn't stay hydrated enough this weekend, as I finished my normal daily intake for 64 oz of water before 10am today. I'm severely waddling today, too, I think.

I haven't learned my lesson, because I do this every. single. weekend. I feel great during the week (except Monday), have lots of energy, think I can do anything- and try to do everything on Saturday and Sunday, only to regret it Monday. By Tuesday evening, I've usually recovered, and the pattern continues.

One of these days, I'll surely learn to pace myself. But, will that day come before Baby does? I'm making no promises.

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Ryan and Melanie said...

I hope you get plenty of rest this week:)

I often over exerted myself on weekends, too. But just continue to do what you're doing...drinking water and resting.

Praying for your little one today.



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