New Best Friend

Friends of ours in the area got a dog almost a year ago, and we had talked about setting up a "puppy playdate" with Casey since then, but it never actually happened.

Meet Rascal:

Casey LOVES playing with other dogs, but we've found that smaller dogs or puppies are scared of him because of his size, and aren't so enthusiastic to play. Mostly, they just try to hide, or growl at him, which confuses Casey greatly. He just wants to play!

This little Scotty though? He lived up to his breed and was a scrappy, bold little thing.

They chased each other around the yard all evening, and it was hilarious. Even when they both were worn out, they still wanted to hang out with each other.

This almost (*ALMOST*) makes us want to get another dog. But, not right now. We'll just need to set up more playdates! And perhaps have friends who can confidently dog-sit if we ever get one of those Branson vacation packages :)

Casey and Rascal, new best friends!


affectioknit said...

What sweet playmates! We do that with Jack - our organist at Church has a Jack Russell named Milo - he and Jack are best friends...and they have a fenced yard...

Lizz said...

Awwwww. I love your Aussie! We had an 8 year old Aussie who died in May. I miss him. I love their energy and playfulness. Give your baby a big hug for me!


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