Double digits

The double digits have arrived.

There are less than 100 days left before my due date. Tomorrow, we start our childbirth class in Fishers, and will be attending that weekly through the beginning of December. I'm determined to start back at the prenatal yoga classes, too. My sister already has the baby shower invitations set. I ordered my first set of diapers yesterday (free local delivery!). A friend's mom at church noticed I was expecting and asked, unprompted - the first person to notice my growing belly without being told.

The second trimester has flown by. Will these last days drag on, or will they fly by as well, with all the baby preparations coupled with the typical holiday busyness?

Outdoor projects still need to be finished before it gets too cold. Last week, we had a couple days in the 90's, and then Fall arrived in full force with yesterday, today, and tomorrow's temperatures topping out in the 60's. I'm wearing shoes with socks for the first time since Spring. The sudden onset of Fall is making the projects look even more urgent. Josh is amazing, and is working hard to get many things done. I'm not being much help outside, but am doing my best to get things organized and taken care of indoors.

On one hand, I think we have lots of time left before Baby makes his appearance- 12 weeks, at least! On the other hand, I see everything else that needs to be done - celebrating family birthdays, attending holiday parties, painting, decluttering, sorting, organizing, saving, planning - and I wonder when it will all happen. I'm not really stressed about it all- I'm taking everything one week, one day at a time. This just happens to be a particularly busy week.

It's not blasphemous to not put up decorations for Christmas, right? Because I'm seriously considering leaving the tree and garland and LED christmas lights in their boxes this year. One less thing to clean up within a week of my due date. 


Kacie said...

Yay! Yeah, I didn't do much in the way of Christmas decor in 2008. I will kick it up a notch this time because hi, Johnny will be 2. And he might care a little.

But I won't stress myself out about it and I won't make a big fuss! And I will have visiting relatives help me pack it all away if they show up after Christmas.

Hope you enjoy Bradley! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

cachet said...

i know the toasty baby people! great business.

who's your bradley instructor? i know some of those, too! :)

Joanna said...

Krista - I'm excited to be cloth diapering AND supporting a local business. We had them come to our house & do a "diaper demo" to give my husband an idea of all the different types.

We had 3 Bradley options locally that we could find, and went with a couple that teaches Bradley in Fishers. Their classes lined up best with my due date.

Anonymous said...

I would skip the stress of Christmas decorating..... This year's precious gift may be delivered in time for Christmas but won't be under any tree, Christmas or otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Joanna, I'm impressed that you can still put on socks! So many people when they are pregnant have to wear sandals even in the cold. I would skip the decorating too. Unless you're going to fight it, you won't be putting much up next year on the lower half of the tree. If you don't have any soft ornaments I recommend purchasing some in the post season sales. The boys love having their own ornaments that they can hang/touch and I don't have to worry about them being broken.

ashley said...

Even though Savannah was 4 months old by Christmas last year, I didn't have the energy to decorate. I put the tree up, but that was about it. So I definitely understand!

VanderbiltWife said...

I haven't put up Christmas decorations since 2007 ...! The first year Libbie was tiny and we were going away, the second year our decorations were at one house and we were moving ...

I am looking forward to having decorations this year, but they will have to go up EARLY since I am due Dec 22nd!


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