My other baby...

Casey's been awesome lately. He loves running around in the new fenced area in our yard, and we love that we can let him run without worrying about it. Here, we're on a walk, watching hot air balloons deflate.

Also, I totally forgot- he turned FOUR YEARS OLD on Sunday. This fifth year will be a big one for him, but so far, he's taken the changes- all the odd smells and stuff entering the house- in stride. We'll see how he deals with his new little brother!

Happy birthday Casey!


Eternal Lizdom said...

I just did a lot of clicking through to related posts and read Casey's history with you... what a happy ending!

We did have to surrender a dog once. We'd adopted a sheltie from a rescue group. She was a good dog with a lot of problems. For 3 years, we worked on training out those problems (fear of storms, health issues, etc). But there was one issue she never gave up- biting. When she'd been bad, she'd nip and had broken skin on me at least twice. Then we ended up pregnant and we knew there was no way we could have a biting dog around a baby, a toddler, a young child.

We know we did the right thing for her. However, we were treated horribly by the rescue group when we followed their wishes and asked them to take her back.

Makes me extra glad things got better with Casey for you!

Joanna said...

We were lucky that Casey:
- doesn't chew things that aren't his
- was pretty much housetrained
- isn't a nipper/biter

Our issues stemmed from separation anxiety and lack of crate training. Once he knew he was in a stable home where he'd get some level of attention, he's been a great, loyal dog (who still exuberantly jumps on guests...). As much trouble as Josh had with him in the first weeks and months, they're best of friends now.


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