Questions for Baby (and God)

Sunday morning, Josh had to be at church hours before the service started, because he was helping out. It seemed like a nice day, so I decided to walk to church (about 3.5 miles) so we'd only have one car there. I got my water, and headed out with plenty of time for the stroll. The weather was a little hotter than I anticipated, but, other than that, it was a beautiful walk.

Along the way, I had a talk with God and Baby about all the hopes and questions about this new little person. It went something like this:
"Will you ask questions about the trees and plants when we're out on these walks?
Will you love science as much as I did?
Look at those horses over there- will you love animals?

Will you love reading as much as your dad and I?
Will books be as magical to you as they were to me?
Will the Xbox 360 or other gadgets get in the way of reading?

Would you delight in that big spiderweb between those two trees, or the rainbow in that fountain?
Would you try to chase that butterfly?
Will you think bugs and frogs are cool?

Will you hold my hand when we go for walks, or want to run way ahead, or sit in a sling or stroller and watch the world go by?
Next time we go on a walk, will you remind Mommy not to wear flip flops? Ow.

How will I teach you to love Creation?
How will I teach you to love people - even those different than you?
How will I teach you to love God?

I'm so glad God knows you already-
knows who you are
and what you'll be like
and who you'll grow up to be.
I just hope I don't get in the way too much."
Can you tell I'm excited to meet this kid?


Blaine said...

I think tecknology will get in the way of reading. But god is in control. since god is all knowing, does god have curiousity.

Anonymous said...

That's why the boys are 5 and 7 and we've yet to buy a gaming system. Maybe next year. Christmas if we give in to the pressure. It's pretty cool to wake up and see Kevin sitting on the couch reading while he's waiting for Kaden to wake up :)


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