Our First (and Only!) Peek

I just made the call, and scheduled my 20-week ultrasound for a week & a half from now. Unlike many of my friends, I'm actually waiting until practically 20 weeks to take a peek at this growing baby. And, yes, we want to find out the gender. I'm too practical not to. Also, I'm not crazy about yellow ducks, which seems to be the only gender-neutral clothing available. You'd think yellow and green would be for either girls or boys, but, in looking around, all the yellow shirts have ruffled sleeves, and the green onesies have dinosaurs. As a girl, I'm a fan of dinosaurs, but I don't think that's what the green shirt's trying to communicate. I'll rant about gender-specific stuff later. First step is to know if we're on Team Pink or Team Blue!

I've put up the obligatory poll on the sidebar of my blog- is Baby a Girl or Boy? What's your guess? Here are some helpful facts & old wives' tales:

  • Josh's family doesn't have girls. He is one of 4 brothers. His older two brothers have four boys between them. He has no sisters, and we have no nieces. Looking to the extended family, there are definitely more boys born than girls, in all generations (on his dad's side. His mom's side is so big, I'm not sure I could count up the ratio.).
  • My family has more girls. I have a sister and no brothers, and, in both my parents' families, there were two girls and one boy.
  • The baby isn't "stealing my beauty" as girls are said to do.
  • The baby's heart rate has been over 145 bpm at all three of my appointments, which is supposed to indicate a girl.
  • I had zero morning sickness, which supposedly points to a boy.
  • The Chinese Lunar Baby-Gender Prediction Calendar says I'm having a girl.
  • I've not had any intense cravings, so the "sweet or salty" myth isn't one I can use.
  • Am I carrying high or low? I'll update this post with a picture, and you can decide, or check out the old belly pictures.

Vote in the poll on the sidebar, let me know in the comments what you think. Also- did the Old Wives' Tales hold true for predicting your babies' gender?


Karen said...

You left out what I think is the MOST important indicator -- are you feeling any intuition in terms of sex? It seems like whenever mama gets a strong feeling one way or the other, she's likely to be right.

In the absence of that information, I'm going to guess that it's a girl. But most importantly, I'm sending you good vibes for a normal, boring ultrasound that shows a perfectly developing baby!

Joanna said...

Karen - Good question! I have a slight feeling toward Girl, but I intellectually know, with Josh's family history, how improbable that seems :) When we discuss names, our boy list is short, but we basically have a girl name picked out.

ashley said...

I felt like Savannah was a girl. I never, ever voiced my intuitions but I think I would have been surprised if it had been a boy. I think the heartrate thing was true for me, but I have never felt more beautiful than when I was pregnant - my skin cleared up for the first time since I was 18 and my nails felt stronger. I carried really high (points to girl I think?).

I had my ultrasound a few days before I was 20 weeks along. :-) You're not the only one! I also ended up having 2 other ultrasounds in the last month of pregnancy, so you never know when you might get another peek. :-)

But in your case... I'm going to guess boy. :-)

Joanna said...

Ashley- Vote in the poll on my sidebar! No one's voted Boy yet!

Heather said...

I swore that Kevin was going to be a girl! lol

affectioknit said...

FUN! I'm hoping you get a healthy happy baby! Boys are so sweet - and I'm sure girls are too - I just don't have any direct experience of them...

Gretchen said...

There's some old wives' tale about holding a needle on a thread over your belly and if it swings back and forth or around in a circle. I don't remember which one means boy and which one means girl, but you might wanna add it to the other predictors you have:)

Jes said...

I never heard the beauty thing before Kacie, and I think it just has to do with your genes or something, I've had 2 girls, and i'm having a boy and all 3 pregnancies I've never looked worse lol. My skin is a nasty greasy mess for all of them, never got any nice hair, or nice nails either.

Anyway, I am gonna go with girl. :)
Either way I'm so thrilled that you're joining the world of mommyhood!!

Kacie said...

I picked boy, just because :)

I had a strong boy feeling with Johnny, but not much of one with this kid. I was leaning slightly boy since I felt quite similar to when I was preg with Johnny, so I was a bit surprised when I saw it was a girl!

Anyway I am excited to find out! When is your appt, the 13th?


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