Wildlife I've seen today

I've got lots of stories for you- and we're only halfway through our trip! I'm on McDonald's internet connection in New Hampshire right now, so I gotta be quick. Here's three wild animals I've seen today:

This squirrel's not so wild. In fact, it probably would have eaten out of our hands (or climbed into our car!) if we didn't keep trying to chase it off. I suppose I prefer the little squirrel to the fat raccoons we have at campsites in Indiana!

This little chipmunk wasn't quite as brave as the squirrel, but was still pretty fearless, and was obviously used to the campers.

The last wildlife was very unexpected- a black bear! Luckily, this guy wasn't anywhere near our campsite- he was strolling down the road as we drove up to Mount Washington, which was an adventure in itself! We had to drive right past the bear, and he didn't seemed fazed (thankfully!).

We haven't seen any moose yet, but lots of road signs warn of the possibility. Towns nearby are even full of moose safari signs! We're keeping our eyes out- I'll let you know.

OK, I've sat in the McD's parking lot long enough- hope everyone's enjoying their week! I'll check in again if I can!

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affectioknit said...

Wow - we saw a bear near my Mom's house in NC - amazing!


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