Dog Show Adventure

Saturday, we took our dog-crazy nephew to the big Indianapolis dog show. I wasn't sure how it would go- if he would be overwhelmed with the people and dogs everywhere, or if he'd enjoy the trip. Turns out, he loved it! We picked him up fairly early Saturday, and headed out on the adventure!

It's hard for a nine-year-old to be surrounded by his favorite animal, and not reach out and pet every single dog that passes his way. Mason did an awesome job keeping his hands to himself and always asking before petting someone else's dog. Show dog show people (and dogs!) can be pretty uptight when every hair is exactly in place for the judge, and I didn't want anyone to get mad at us for mussing their dog's perfectly-groomed haircut. Turns out, I was needlessly nervous, and Mason found plenty of dogs to give hugs and kisses. His favorite, a pug puppy by the name of "Toad", I didn't get any pictures of, but it climbed into his lap and loved on him well. Mason was in heaven.

We met a friend's cocker spaniel, who wanted to play:

We got to see one of my friends showing her whippet Tiger. They got a first-place ribbon!

We got to meet her great dane Connor. Mason said "He's as big as me!"

This pup in need of wrinkle cream was roly-poly and too cute!

We went to another nearby building that was housing the obedience and rally trials, and ran into Josh's coworker and family. Their golden retriever Booger and his coworker's daughter took their turn at rally, and Mason thought they did awesome.

After Mason was tired of walking around, we went to his requested lunch stop- Macaroni Grill- and then to the Carmel library for some playtime before heading home. It was a full day! We had a great time hanging out with our nephew we don't get to see very often. One-on-one time is so valuable.

(Also, I love going to dog shows!)

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