Five years ago today, good friends of mine, Tree and Dan, got married. I was a bridesmaid in the wedding and thrilled to get to be a part of the special day for a couple I so admired. It was a special day for another reason- it was my boyfriend Josh's 21st birthday! He came up to Chicago for the wedding with my parents, and we cut out of the reception early to go have dinner in downtown Chicago. I had packed a few gifts for him- a candle in a scent he liked, a magazine subscription he'd been wanting, maybe a DVD?

The details are fuzzy because, by the end of the night, none of my silly gifts mattered- Josh brought ME a gift on HIS birthday- an engagement ring.

That was 5 years ago. I'm not sure, that night, where where I pictured myself in 5 years. My mind was racing with wedding plans, not life-plans. Tonight, I stand in the kitchen in a dress (to dress up to celebrate Josh's 26th birthday) and an apron, preparing a meal of steak, green beans (from my garden) and mashed potatoes (also from my garden). My dog lays lazily beside me, watching me work. We live in a house that I love, that we finally feel is "put together" and ours.

Life is so good, and to think it all started 5 years ago, this night.

* Go wish Tree and Dan a happy 5-year anniversary!
** Read our engagement story!
*** The picture above was taken 5 years ago tonight, at the wedding reception. I love it. Tree and Dan are on the left of the frame. Josh and I are dancing in the middle, and the look of love on Josh's face makes my heart melt. I had no idea what was coming. 

Books could be written on how amazing my husband is, but I'll stop before it gets mushy.


Anonymous said...

And they all lived happily ever after!
Mom and Dad

Kathie said...

What a sweet story and that photo is just so perfect! Congrats.


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